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Eni company profile

Eni is a global energy tech company operating in 62 countries with over 30,000 employees. Originally established as an oil & gas company, it has evolved into an integrated energy group. It plays a prominent role in ensuring energy security and is a key player in the energy transition. Its goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050 by decarbonizing its processes and the products it sells to its customers.

In line with this goal, Eni is committed to investing in the research and development of technologies that can accelerate the transition to increasingly sustainable energy. Renewable energy sources, biofuels, carbon capture and storage are only some examples of Eni’s areas of research and activity. In addition, the company is exploring game-changing technologies such as fusion energy – a technology based on the physical processes that power stars and that could generate safe, virtually limitless energy with zero emissions.

Eni’s traditional activities, from hydrocarbon exploration and production to refining and the production of chemicals, continue to generate value for the company, supporting the transformation process while ensuring the reliability of energy supply.

To support its transformation and build value in the transition process, Eni has established a series of satellite companies dedicated to strategic activities. This structure helps free up new investments in the various business sectors, determine the best balance between resource allocation and returns and support customers in reducing their emissions.

Eni has transformed its traditional refining and marketing of petroleum products, becoming a leader in bio-refining and in the production of biofuels, now integrated in the newly established Enilive (Eni Sustainable Mobility).

Eni’s subsidiary Plenitude, traditionally focused on the marketing and sale of electricity and natural gas, is gradually expanding its presence in the production of renewable energy, thus contributing to reducing emissions.

The chemical company Versalis, a subsidiary of Eni, develops chemical products from renewable sources, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Eni Rewind, Eni’s environmental company, operates to enhance the value of land, water and waste, both industrial and from reclamation.

In support of its goals and in line with its long-established values, Eni has developed a network of high-level international partnerships. It has also created a new and sustainable value chain that brings value and benefits to local communities in the countries where it operates.

Eni corporate contacts:

Press office: Tel. +39 0252031875 – +39 0659822030

Shareholders’ toll-free number (from Italy): 800940924
Shareholders’ toll-free number (from abroad):   +800 11 22 34 56

Switchboard: +39.0659821


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