IRradiation Effects on HTS for Fusion

12 – 16 November 2023, Arona, Italy

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The goal of the workshop is to create a strong network of researchers that unites the competences coming from the nuclear fusion community with those from scholars who worked on the high temperature superconductors (HTS). In our view this is a crucial step to tackle the several challenges related to the effects of particle radiation on the HTS tapes that are enabling the development of compact fusion reactors.


Hotel Concorde, Via Verbano, 1, 28041 Arona (NO), Italy

Important dates:

They will be published within the end of August.


  •  HTS technology for fusion
    – State-of-the-art of HTS wires and tapes
    – Needs for magnets in compact fusion reactors
  • Radiation damage
    – Neutronics and radiation environment
    – Advanced methods and facilities
    – Simulations and experiments on HTS
    – Irradiation of HTS for pinning optimization

Workshop chairmen:

Francesco Laviano (PoliTO)
Daniele Torsello (PoliTO)

Organizing committee:

Roberto Gerbaldo (PoliTO)
Laura Gozzelino (PoliTO)
Raffaella Testoni (PoliTO)
Massimo Zucchetti (PoliTO)

Scientific committee:

Giuseppe Celentano (ENEA)
Leonardo Civale (LANL)
Michael Eisterer (TUWien)
Gianluca Ghigo (PoliTO)
Zachary Hartwig (MIT)
Susannah Speller (Oxford)
Tsuyoshi Tamegai (UTokyo)


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